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Cinde Warmington says she will protect abortion access, public education as she files to run for governor

By Riley King

Yesterday Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington officially joined the race for governor, filing her candidacy with the secretary of state's office.

Cinde Warmington was a two-term executive councilor and made the case that she is the best candidate to help Democrats end their nearly decade-long losing streak and reclaim the corner office at the State House.

"I am singularly the most qualified person to take on this job," Warmington said. "I have been fighting for everything we believe in as the highest-ranking Democrat in state government for the last four years."

Warmington has centered on reproductive rights and affordable housing in her campaign.

Warmington also said that if elected, she would place an emphasis on public education. As an executive councilor, she has been a vocal opponent of education freedom accounts, the state’s school-choice program.

"Taxpayer dollars belong in our public schools and not funding a program that is really just subsidizing families who've already made the decision to send their kids to private or religious schools," Warmington said.

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