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Ice Sculptures in Belfast, Maine, This Weekend


The annual Belfast Ice Festival and State of Maine Ice Carving Championship kicks off today and runs through Sunday.

Tonight is a paint night event at Delvino’s and trivia at the Front Street Pub.

Tomorrow night will be a bourbon tour at the town’s restaurants.  There will also be an outdoor pizza kitchen.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be filled with family-friendly events.  There’ll be a bunch of activities for the kids, including cupcake decorating.  There will be plenty for the adults to enjoy, too.  Some restaurants will have ice bars, and there will be Tito’s Vodka and Kahlua-tasting events.  Also, if you love music there will be a lot of live music!

Starting at 10 AM on Saturday, there’ll be ice sculpting demos.

The judging, which will start at 3 PM, will take place in the lot at the corner of Maine Street and Cross Street.  There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

So, if you are not doing anything this weekend, go to the town of Belfast and have some fun.

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