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Middle schooler charged with assault after school bus skirmish

By Riley King

One Concord middle schooler is facing juvenile charges after hitting another student on a bus, the incident happened last Friday afternoon.

The incident started as a verbal altercation and escalated into when one student punched another who had been “name-calling.” That student was charged with disorderly conduct and assault and the other was taken into protective custody. Both are 13 years old. 

When the fight started the driver pulled over the bus and called police! The students on the bus were evacuated from the vehicle, many of whom called and were picked up by their parents. The bus later completed its route with the remaining students.

All district school buses are equipped with cameras.

The incident does not reflect a rise in bad behavior on district school buses, according to Superintendent Kathleen Murphy.

“There are occasions where kids make a bad choice while on a school bus,” she said. “But I don’t see an increase in misconduct on our buses.”

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