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Protesters line halls of State House urging Sununu to veto anti-trans bills

By Riley King

Yesterday there was vocal protest at the New Hampshire State House targeted an audience of one, as Gov. Chris Sununu hears from voices on both sides of the issue of transgender rights.

The protesters lined the halls of the State House chanting, "Shame! Shame! Shame!" The goal was to be heard and to get the message across to Sununu, who will soon have on his desk a series of bills the activists said unfairly target the transgender community.

This is a hotly debated pieces of legislation Sununu can sign or veto are bills organizing interscholastic sports by assigned gender at birth, a ban on genital gender reassignment surgery for minors and a partial rollback of the state's 2018 transgender nondiscrimination law that Sununu championed.

Republican Casey Crane is running for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd District is also weighing in on the issue. She showed up at the New Hampshire State House yesterday to speak out in favor of the bills, saying the issue is one of the driving forces behind her campaign.

The governor declined to comment on the protest, and when it comes to the bills headed to his desk, he has been noncommittal, in recent remarks only identifying key values in play.

"I think the voices around fairness and safety are being heard not just here in New Hampshire but all across the country, and it's something we're going to take very seriously here," he said.

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